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    Quality Wholesale Sterling Silver Chains Buy Directly From Silver Depot

    Silver Depot is your seasoned wholesale sterling silver chains supplier. With over 25+ years in the wholesale silver jewelry business, we source high quality 925 Italian sterling silver chains directly from manufacturers in Italy. Due to our years of the relationship as distributors, we get the best prices on these Italian silver chains, which we then pass on the savings to our customers – our wholesale silver jewelry buyers.

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    Select From Wide Varieties of Plain Sterling Silver Chains

    If you are a retail silver jewelry store owner, then you will be pleased to know that we carry a large selection of the best selling, stylish, and fashionable plain sterling silver chains at wholesale prices. Some of our most popular plain silver chains are wholesale silver Box Chains, Figaro Chain, Omega Chains, Bead Chains, Rolo Chains, Link Chains, Anchor Chains, Popcorn Chains, wholesale silver Snake Chains, Rope Chains, Singapore Chains, Cable Chains, Tube Brite Chains, Spiga Chains, etc.

    We Also Carry The Finest Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Chains

    We specialize and cater to online jewelry businesses and understand the need for and the importance of stock availability that must be ready for same-day shipping. We Stock It and You Sell It!. Some of our rhodium plated 925 sterling silver chains wholesale are: Rhodium Box Chains, Rhodium Box Round D/C Chains, Rhodium Plated Round Box Chains, Box Rhodium Snake 4 sided Chains, Rhodium Plated Round Box Chains, Rhodium Snake 8 sided D/C Chains, Snake Chains with Extension, Rhodium Snake 4 sided D/C Chains, Rhodium Plated Round Snake Chains, Snake Square D/C Rhodium Plated Chains, Rhodium Plated Square Snake Chains, Rhodium Plated 8 Sided Diamond Cut Snake Chains, Figaro Rhodium Plated Chains, Curb Rhodium Plated Chains, Anchor Rhodium Plated Chains, Anchor Rhodium Plated D/C Chains, Tube Brite Diamond-Cut Chains, Spiga Rhodium Chains, Franco Round Rhodium Chain, Franco Rhodium Chains, Rhodium Greek Link Box Chains, Miami Curb Rhodium Plated Chains, Confetti Rhodium Plated Chains, Flat Coreana D/C Rhodium Chains, Coreana Rhodium Chains, Rhodium Plated Crisscross Chains, etc. We also carry a vast selection of Rose-gold chains, Yellow gold chains, and Black-plated chains, Micro Pave chains, and much more.
    If you have a retail jewelry store in a strip center or a mall or an e-bay store or a silver jewelry e-commerce store then bulk wholesale buying of silver chains directly from a distributor of 925 sterling silver chains would mean better and lower pricing for you and more profit compared to buying from a local jewelry wholesaler. You can browse and select from hundreds of styles of our sterling silver chains for your silver jewelry shop from our e-commerce website. You also will appreciate just like hundreds of our other customers who have been buying directly from us and saving tons of money on silver jewelry chains at factory-direct wholesale prices. If you have any questions or inquiries about our wholesale 925 sterling silver chains collection or then please call us at 213-627-6684 or email us at