Styling with Sizzling Collection of Leather Jewelry

Jewelry creation can come in many forms, whether it is gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, or leather jewelry.  Now more than ever leather jewelry has become very popular.

Leather jewelry is very stylish and sturdy.  It can be very interesting, versatile, and unique.  Leather jewelry can be for men or women. Leather jewelry for men can be very masculine and rugged.  It adds a sense of masculinity and mystery.  At the same token, women’ leather jewelry is very popular as well.

The most popular leather jewelry is the leather bracelet for men and the leather bracelet for women.

If you are looking for wholesale leather jewelry, whether it is wholesale leather bracelet for men or women, Silver Depot has the best selection and prices.  You will be able to find a variety of styles and sizes.  For example they have the Genuine Leather Bracelet Cuffs that come in plain black or brown genuine leather, or some of the cuffs may have metal stars, studs or spikes and may come in different colors as well.

The wholesale braided genuine leather bracelet is very popular.  It comes in many different colors including orange, pink green and other colors.  However, the most popular still remains the black leather cuff bracelets.  The braided genuine leather bracelets come in a variety of styles including some that are braided with silver or other metal.

Unable To Load ImageThese leather jewelry collections are very eye catching and trendy and are a great addition to any modern wardrobe.

The leather bracelets look very attractive when they are combined with stainless steel, gold, rubber, or other such material and colors.  These bracelets come in different sizes as well so that men and women can feel comfortable wearing them.  The most common sizes are 7, 7.5 and 8 inches.

Our wholesale website, provides a one stop online shopping experience for individuals and retailers alike. You may also want to visit us at our show room in Los Angeles, CaliforniaYou will find a wide variety of wholesale genuine leather jewelry in a variety of styles, size and color, at the best prices.

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How Jewelry Gift Boxes Enhances the Value of Your Jewelry

Unable To Load ImageWhether you have purchased a beautiful pair of earrings or a chain & pendant set, you have to present it to your loved one with proper packaging; and the best way to present your jewelry is enclosing it in jewelry gift boxesIt adds the finishing touches and completes any jewelry gift.

On the other hand, you might be the person selling that perfect piece of jewelry to your client.  Make sure you don’t just send them out the door with the jewelry in just a bag. Instead, ensure that you have secured the jewelry in nice jewelry boxes. They add value to the jewelry and assure the jewelry buyer that they bought something of value.

The person receiving this piece of jewelry as a gift will feel even more special when they have to open the jewelry wrapped in the jewelry gift box in anticipation of what is stored for them as a symbol of love – of course, they are to find a beautiful piece of jewelry inside this jewelry box. Wow, what a romantic scene.

A simple thing like a jewelry box makes such a difference to the whole buy, sell and receive experience.

If you are looking for wholesale jewelry boxes, Silver Depot is a Los Angeles wholesale jewelry supplier that supplieswholesale jewelry boxesThey have wholesale gift boxes with lids and boxes that come in a variety of colors to add value and class to your jewelry sales experience.

Silver Depot has jewelry boxes with lids and a bow on top in every color in the rainbow.  Whatever the occasion, whether it is Valentines day, Saint Patrick’s day, Halloween or a birthday on a particular month, Silver Depot Wholesale has colored gift box for you.

Whether you want a ring box, earring gift box, bracelet gift box or pendant and chain gift box, there is one available in every color. For example Silver depot has a pink color ring gift box, or a navy blue bracelet gift box, or a green color earring gift box, or a purple set gift box.

Check out the wholesale website at for all your wholesale jewelry box supplies and much more.

Make sure you give that valued customer experience by simply providing a jewelry box with every jewelry purchase to your buyers.

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Accessorize Yourself With Affordable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale Fashion JewelryAre the high prices of gold and silver stopping you from accessorizing your favorite outfit and making you feel spectacular?

Don’t let the high prices of jewelry stop you from looking and feeling your best.

Accessorizing yourself with affordable collection of wholesale fashion jewelry is your solution.  Some people think that fashion jewelry is gaudy and over bearing, and some of it can be; however, the collection of fashion jewelry at Silver Depot is different. Silver Depot has an amazing selection of fashion jewelry to suit every style and budget.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Fashion collections can be categorized into Fashion Earrings, Wholesale Fashion Bracelets, Wholesale Fashion Sets and many other such accessories for your wardrobe.  Now you can pick whatever you like, whether it is fashion jewelry rings or earrings, you can accessorize whatever you like and not have to worry about spending exuberant amounts of money.  You can have matching earrings and necklaces for every outfit if you like.

We even have fashion jewelry fashion multicolor bracelets and gold bracelets.  We have dangling heart bracelets that are in different colors.  There is even a heart and lock bracelet that is design inspired and looks similar to the collection of a Bracelet from Tiffany.  We also have beaded bracelets and bracelets that have dangling crosses on them.  I am sure that you will find something that you will fall in love with at Silver Depot.

Silver Depot also has a large selection of fashion jewelry earrings that you can choose from.  From studs to dangling, there is something for everyone and every budget.

Check the Silver Depot website for our large selection of fashion jewelry.  We have fabulous wholesale fashion jewelry selections such as:

Bottom line, at Silver Depot we know that we have a lot to offer and due to our large selection of wholesale affordable fashion jewelry we know you won’t be disappointed. Contact us Today!

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Look like French royalty with fleur-de-lis fashion jewelry

Unable To Load ImageIt is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”; but the fact of the matter is, beauty reflects in the eye of the ‘Looker’. Your outlook and getup not only make people admire you, but it also forms sentiments and feelings regarding you. Everything that you put on shows your attitude and makes people realize what you are. So why not go for something beautiful, something royal, to set an impression onto the minds of people surrounding you?

Wholesale fleur-de-lis fashion jewelry flaunts the look of royalty. Fleur-de-lis is a French term that translates into ‘flower of lily’. Fleur-de-lis has been given a lot of significance since the time of immemorial. It had been used in the crowning of the French monarch King Clovis I and has continued to be used in the French upper class ever since.

The Greeks believed the flower lily to have been sprouted from the milk of the Hera, the queen of the Gods. Fleur-de-lis symbolizes Blessed Virgin Mary. It also symbolizes peace, chastity, virtue, friendship, devotion, wealth and prosperity.

Fleur-de-lis, which looks so beautiful and desirable, adds to the beauty of the jewelry. The presence of fleur-de-lis in the jewelry sets a class apart. Besides symbolizing all the qualities mentioned above, it flaunts a look of beauty.

The use of fleur-de-lis in the crowns of the French monarchs strengthens the view. The beautiful and aristocratic sight of the presence of fleur-de-lis in the jewelry spreads into the minds of the onlookers, marking your impression onto their hearts. It is something to show off!

Various wholesale fleur de lis fashion jewelry suppliers are available in the market providing you with wholesale fashion fleur-de-lis bracelets and necklaces with set a different impression. It can be worn daily or on special occasion. These bracelets, on one hand look simple and sombre, but on the other hand, they give you an elegant, classy look. They look beautiful and go with the environment, no matter what’s the mood of the day.

To enhance your look, and give yourself an attitude and style of French Royalty, get such beautiful fashion wholesale fleur-de-lis bracelets and other fleur-de-lis fashion wholesale jewelry for yourself today!

You can get it in bulk at Silver Depot.

Silver Depot supplies wholesale fashion jewelry, wholesale fleur de lis fashion jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry fleur de lis bracelets.

So, if you are interested in multiplying your riches, by adding to your jewelry collection, ask us at Silver Depot to supply you wholesale fashion jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry fleur de lis, wholesale fleur de lis bracelets, and many other such wholesale jewelry items.

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Create Your Own Love Story with Love Symbol Fashion Jewelry

Unable To Load Image“Dear, give me something to remember you with.” These are the words voiced by every person in love yearns to hear from their partner.

Wholesale love symbol fashion jewelry is one such gift that will help you manifest your feelings for your loved ones. It is the way of saying, “Dear, in this hectic day to day life I may not be able to tell you this, but I do always love you.”

Your significant other, the love of your life, your partner, will surely appreciate your effort and warmly smile every time they will see that love symbol fashion jewelry.

It doesn’t matter what part of relationship you are in – married or courting/dating; the effect is always the same, because love never fades.

So, if you want to pour your feelings to that someone special, fashion love symbol jewelry will aide you. You can get it for your wife or your girlfriend. You can get her a heart bracelet or love symbol necklace or dangling love/heart symbol earrings. It simply says that your hearts are still connected!

There are a lot of actions to show your love. Kisses and hugs, chocolates and flowers, are all symbols of love. But, are short lived and they disappear. Hugs and Kisses captures that moment. Chocolates are eaten and flowers wither. However, the symbol of love in the form of fashion jewelry lasts forever.

What’s even better is finding symbols of fashion love jewelry at wholesale prices.

Life’s too small for thoughts of beautiful things; just do what’s in your heart!

Silver Depot has a wide selection of wholesale love fashion jewelry. We also supply wholesale love symbol fashion jewelry which includes varieties of love symbol bracelets, rings and sets. Add more love to your love story, with our jewelry!

Contact Silver Depot for all you wholesale fashion jewelry needs today!

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Who Wears Fashion Skull Jewelry And When To Wear It?

Unable To Load ImageFashion skull jewelry is not only worn for Halloween.  Designer wholesale skull fashion jewelry is popular anytime of the year.   After all, skulls symbolize mortality and power, and that is a fact of life.

Power and adventure is for everyone.  So women like fashion skull jewelry as much as men.  You don’t need to be a biker or a rock musician to show off a silver skull ring, or fashion skull bangle.

Men like the bold look of skull rings and manly fashion skull pendants.  Contrary to popular belief women also like the bold look of skull jewelry as well.   For the feminine women, who don’t like the big chunky styles, but still like the feel of power, prefer the daintier fashion skull jewelry.

Fashion skull jewelry comes in many styles including skull rings, skull bangles and skull bracelets.  Silver Depot Wholesaler has beautiful skull sets as well.  These fashion jewelry skull sets have dangling earrings and matching skull pendants.  One of the most popular pieces of skull jewelry for women is the 3 skull dangling earring in a turquoise color. These are a must see.  You can pick up your very own pair of fashion skull earrings  in Down Town Los Angeles in the jewelry district at Silver Depot’s show room or visit them online.

Besides the very popular sterling silver skull rings, skull jewelry comes in many different styles and colors.  Fashion skull pendants, skull bracelets, skull necklaces, fashion skull earrings and so much more can be found on our website.

Skull jewelry may not be something you wear every day, but it will certainly spice up your wardrobe, so don’t just save it for Halloween, wear it anytime you want to feel powerful.

Fashion skull jewelry is absolutely mandatory if you are going to hard rock or heavy metal party or concert.  Stop by for the best selection and best prices on wholesale Fashion skull jewelry at Silver Depot Wholesale.

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Titanium Jewelry Facts

Unable To Load ImageTitanium Jewelry comes in many forms such as Titanium Rings , Titanium Wedding Rings, Titanium Bracelets, and other such Titanium Jewelry.

Titanium Jewelry has many benefits:

  • It is 100% hypoallergenic
  • It is one of the densest and strongest of the natural metals
  • Stretch and bend resistant
  • Much stronger than gold, silver and platinum
  • Very light weight
  • Very affordable


Because Titanium Rings and other Titanium Jewelry are 100% hypoallergenic, anyone can wear them, including those who may have allergic reactions to other metals.

Titanium jewelry will not respond or react to your skin by giving you an allergic reaction not give your skin any blue or green color, dis-coloration or any type of irritation.

Pure Titanium does not even change colors in salt water or in sunlight.  It is one of the longest lasting metals for jewelry, and that is why it is recommended for Men’s Wedding Bands in Titanium.

Since Titanium is one of the strongest metals, men, women and children love Titanium Jewelry.  They don’t have to worry about their Titanium Ring getting bent out of shape, or their Titanium Bracelet being stretched.  Plus the lightweight feature makes it most appealing for Men’s Titanium Wedding Rings.

People use to prefer Gold and Silver jewelry, but because the prices are so high, people are starting to turn toward Titanium Jewelry, because it provide great value, is a very strong metal, has the luxurious feel and texture of platinum, and is very affordable.

If you are looking for men’s titanium wedding bands, or men’s titanium rings, or titanium bracelets or women’s titanium rings or any other titanium jewelry, visit us at Silver Depot in downtown Los Angeles.  We have a large wholesale show room, and a very large selection of Wholesale Titanium Jewelry.

At Silver Depot we sell Wholesale Titanium Rings, Wholesale Titanium Wedding Bands and Wedding sets, Wholesale Titanium Bangles and Bracelets, Wholesale Titanium CZ and Gemstone Rings and other Wholesale Titanium Jewelry.

Visit us at our Silver Depot Show Room in the Jewelry Wholesale District in Downtown Los Angeles for the largest selection of Titanium Jewelry at the best wholesale prices.  Our helpful staff will be more than happy to help you with our large selection of Titanium Jewelry.

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Shopping For Evil Eye Jewelry & Bringing Good Luck

Evil-Eye-JewelryWhat is evil eye?

You might think evil eye is evil, like someone gave you the “evil eye”.  But it is actually to protect you from evil.  It is a shield against various forms of bad luck, including those that are willed on by others.  It protects you from bad karma and helps you keep balance in your life.

The evil eye is found in many cultures, such as Egyptian, Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Roman cultures. It is even intertwined in the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist Hindu, and American traditions.

In many of these cultures it is common to give a gift of “Evil Eye”, because it is suppose to have power to keep away the bad and bring good luck.  Evil eyes can be in the form of an ornament, wall hanging or jewelry. The most common form of an evil eye ornament is in the form of jewelry.

So, back to our questions, what is evil eye jewelry?

Evil eye jewelry is pieces of jewelry that is made beads that has eye symbols in it. These jewelry items can come in various forms, such as:

You must be wondering, Why give evil eye jewelry as gifts?

It has been said that those who wear the evil eye jewelry, will be protected against misfortune and from bad things happening in one’s life.  So if you have that someone special you would like to protect from bad karma, there is evil eye jewelry for men, evil eye jewelry for kids, evil eye jewelry for babies and evil eye jewelry for women.

Evil eye jewelry is made up of different color beads that have different meanings and is either made with gold, or silver.  Now days it is most commonly found in fashion jewelry.  You can find evil/bad eye fashion bracelets, evil eye fashion necklace, evil eye fashion accessories that are made with different color beads at Evil Eye Jewelry Wholesaler.

Evil eye color meanings depend on the color you choose.  Each color has a different meaning and you can choose the color depending on what area you need most protection in.  Coral is for protection, black is for power, red is for courage, light green is for success, amethyst is for intelligence, pink is for love, turquoise is for health, white is for wealth, green is for happiness.  Pick the colors you need most protection in, or pick your favourite color, better yet there is multi-color evil eye jewelry.

If you want to know where to buy evil eye jewelry, there are many stores that sell it.  But if you are looking for evil eye jewelry wholesale, then Silver Depot is the place for you.

Silver Depot is a jewelry wholesaler in downtown Los Angeles that sells evil eye jewelry.  They even carry fashion evil eye jewellery, including fashion evil eye bracelets.  They have a large selection, and many different colors to choose from at the very best prices.

Visit Silver Depot for your evil eye jewelry needs, and protect your loved ones from the bad luck or Evil Eye.

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Create Your Own Unique Style With Affordable Peace Sign Fashion Jewelry

Unable To Load ImageWhen it comes to creating your own unique style, you can use affordable fashion jewelry to create your own unique look.  You can choose from fashionable stylish peace bracelets and necklaces, to beautiful chokers, to fabulously fancy chandelier dangling earrings.

You can mix and match various peace sign fashion jewelry to create your own personal style to match your temperament and personal wardrobe at very affordable prices.

Many brand name designers are famous for creating pricey and high end prices of jewelry that makes it quite expensive and out of reach from general population’s budget.  However, there are many highly qualified and distinguished manufactures of ‘fabulously fine’ fashion jewelry that produce similar lines of fashionable ‘costume’ jewelry that is affordable and still very good quality and also look quite expensive.

You may choose to add various genuine, gemstones, to your jewellery collection.  Natural gemstones such as turquoise, agate, coral and shell add fantastic colour to your wardrobe and at the same time lifts your spirits.

Whenever you are shopping for affordable peace sign fashion jewelry which adds color to your ensemble, you may also want to consider colourful beaded jewelry to your collection as well.   Always be on the lookout to carefully examine the workmanship and the materials the jewelry is made off.

Naturally coloured glass beads usually lasts longer when compared to artificially colour painted beads, even though they might be cheaper.

May people use fashion jewelry to express their fun-loving free spirit; by using plastic jewelry for a ladies night out, or impress your friends with some bling.  Fashion jewelry generally comes with a lot of glitter and sparkle and nothing works better than cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ, are usually mistaken for diamonds as they looks and sparkles just like diamonds.  The reason most people opt for CZ’s is that they can make you feel make you feel like a million dollars – without costing you your monthly salary.

As typical Americans who follow the designer and fashion trends of their Hollywood celebrities or TV, music, and video personalities, you are sure to find affordable fashionable jewelry in almost every category. Best of all, most of the times they are better or lower priced replicas of Hollywood designers costing just pennies on the dollar.

You can use cheap fashion jewelry to keep up with the latest fashion trends, without having to spend truck loads of money.

Whether you are looking for fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry peace sign, fashion jewelry peace necklace, fashion jewelry peace bracelet, peace fashion jewelry or peace sign jewelry, you are sure to find one at your favourite discount store.

You may be in your quest to find the best fashion jewelry for cheap but, don’t limit yourself to only retail stores. You will find that there are many discount fashion jewelry wholesalers that offer these jewelry fashions with crystals and gemstones in them at much lower prices then the mall boutiques.

You can also visit fashion jewelry wholesale showrooms, or sterling silver jewelry wholesalers.  In fact, everything you are looking for is probably in downtown Los Angles at the jewelry wholesale market.

Women all over the world want to look beautiful and wealthy without spending fortune. You don’t even have to travel the whole world to get the best deals on wholesale fashion jewelry.  Silver Depot has jewelry from all over the world all in one place, so you can create your own style without having to spend a fortune.

Visit Silver Depot in Los Angeles downtown in the jewelry wholesale market for all your fashion jewelry needs.

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Fashion Jewelry – Religious Bracelets Makes a Perfect Gift Any Time of the year

Religious-BraceletsBracelets are a great way to accessorize and compliment your jewellery and fashion wardrobe; and religious bracelets are the perfect complement to your stylish collection.Religious bracelets offer a way to express your belief while wearing a nice piece of jewellery. You are sure to find an ideal bracelet for your own unique style or that of a loved one that you are surely going to adore.Silver Depot has a variety of:

We have modern cuffs and religious bracelets that would be just right for your stylish teenage son, daughter, niece, nephew or grand kids.A lot of people like giving Noah’s Ark bracelet; however, I think a cross medallion bracelet makes a perfect gift for your loved ones or that special woman to show your love and affection.Religious jewellery makes a perfect gift and they are readily available to express one’s faith in style.Silver Depot has simple religious bracelets that can double as a rosary and it is the perfect gift to have any time of the year.  We also have many bracelets with crucifix charm on them, or a group/strip of hearts with the cross engrained in them.If you are of Jewish faith then a Star of David bracelet would make a perfect gift –don’t you agree?Silver Depot is your religious jewelry wholesaler in Los Angeles.   You can find many kinds of wholesale fashion jewelry products, including religious bracelets, pendants and rings.We have fashion jewelry that is religious, but we also have religious jewelry in sterling silver, titanium, and gold.Silver Depot has the largest religious fashion jewellery in the Los Angeles area.   Our collection and prices are unbeatable.Come see for your self what we have in our Los Angeles show room in the LA jewelry district or visit us online at for your perfect gift today.

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